Taxi Dance with Natalie Burn as a lead won the Best Drama Award at the LA International Film Festival

Film director Kami Mcadam’s comment on the victory was rather optimistic if not philosophical: “The sun is shining, birds are singing and I keep smiling.” (www .kamiphoto .com )

Taxi Dance is the name of a popular US strip club. Its brightly lit façade hides an ugly truth: stories of many young girls, who were kidnapped and brought to the US to work as sex slaves. They are trafficked in coffers without documents, got forcedly addicted to drugs and then transported to the notorious strip club to work as strip dancers.

Natalia plays the role of a Russian girl who struggles to survive and defend her rights in what seems to be a losing battle.

The film was also nominated for NY International Film Festival award.

Natalie Guslistaya /Burn is a Hollywood actress of Russian origin, who was dubbed by Milla Jovovich’s main rival.

As a child, she left Russia to study in the London Royal Ballet School, to which she was admitted upon a special invitation from its Director Gailene Stock. Then she moved to LA and enrolled in Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, where she took stagecraft lessons from Sally Kirkland and David Strasberg. As a student, Natalie played her first role in a Hollywood movie, Coffee Date. Today her career history includes ten feature films from the leading Hollywood film studios. Today Natalia is a member of the renowned Actors Studio in LA and NY, her teachers at the Studio were Martin Landau, Al Pacino and Mark Rydell. She is also a successful choreographer, who produces dance shows for European and American stardom.