Russian exports: oil, gas and girls. The Offsprings column

Russia, one of the world’s biggest energy exporters, has now become a source of manpower for Hollywood as Russian top managers started “exporting” their girlfriends, wives and relatives to the American Dream Factory. Serguei Veremeenko presented to his wife Sofia Arzhakova a film company together with $10 million for production of her first film. Michel Litvak, Chairman of the Board at the United Transport and Metallurgy Company, had to fork out as much as $40 million to procure his wife Svetlana Metkina a role in the film with Demi Moore and Sharon Stone.

Today another Russian girl has “risen to Hollywood stardom” (quotation from the official press release). This Russian girl is the granddaughter of late Nikolai Guslistiy, a Gazprom top manager, who died two years ago. “My family helped me to make my dream come true,” said Natalia. Since 2006, she has appeared in nine Hollywood films and is now trying out for the part in a new film where Dolph Lundgren will play the lead role.

Igor Popov