Rob Schneider’s shoe-shopping in Moscow

Famous Hollywood comedian Rob Schneider, star of The Animal and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, recently visited Moscow.

He and his daughter Elle were invited to the Russian capital by his colleague and friend Natalie Guslistaya, a Russian actress and choreographer, who is now working her way up to the top of the Hollywood hills. However, she is not Mr. Schneider’s only link to Russia as his own grandmother was born in Kiev. Besides, Rob confessed his love to “Russian writer Dostoevsky, Russian beautiful women and the Russian language.”

The interview took place in one of the Moscow’s most upscale and trendy shopping malls. He explained his choice of the venue by his shopping addiction and even joked that he actually came to Russia in quest of good shoes. “In fact, I’m looking for a pair of boots. My daughter and girlfriend also need boots. Boots! We are just going to fork over a couple of thousand bucks,” said Mr. Schneider.

In fact, in March Rob Schneider starts shooting a new film, and this time he will try his hand at film directing. He is now searching for an actor who will play the role of the film’s mobster character, and for some unknown reason hopes to find him in Russia, reports Russia.Ru.

Mr. Schneider has also visited Rudkovskaya Shiyan fashion show and even walked down the catwalk as a model. During his stay, he made a tour around Moscow clothing stores, had a lunch in a popular restaurant and, of course, did not miss every tourist’s destination in Moscow – the Red Square and Kremlin.