Rob Schneider I often wake up in a cold sweat in the morning

Famous Hollywood comedian Rob Schneider and his 20-year old daughter Elle came to Moscow to visit Rob’s friend and partner in the new film “Treading upon Ant”, Natalia Guslistaya. Rob took a walk around the Kremlin and then, in the search of a warmer place, agreed to meet with the OK correspondent.

The Red Square looks unusually empty. The drizzling snowy rain and blasts of piercing wind have driven away all the tourists but a short man in a funny cap busy taking photos and rubbing his frozen nose and his companion, a tall brunette in a leather jacket and jackboots. They make an odd-looking couple – a short and clumsy Rob Schneider, star of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, The Animal and Big Stan, and Russian femme fatale, graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and London’s Royal Ballet School, Hollywood actress and choreographer Natalia Gustlistaya. Schneider’s daughter, a striking Slavic-looking blond, left them, unable to continue the long walk along windy Moscow streets.

Actually, at this time of the year Moscow is hardly suited for promenade…

No, it’s OK, LA is even worse. Not that it is that cold or there is same drizzling rain, but I feel myself ill at ease in LA. Summers in LA are hot and stifling and I hate the hot weather. As for Moscow, I like it at any time of the year, I can really relax here.

Well, you did not come here for a walk around the Red Square, did you?

True. I am now planning my new film with the code name “Treading upon Ant”, so I came to Moscow to see my old friend Natalia Guslistaya and discuss it with her as she will have the lead rolein this film. It will be a romantic comedy about a man fresh out of jail. He wants to get back the money he had hidden before his arrest but this money had already been stolen by the Russian boyfriend of the Natalia’s character. So, this is the story about the man trying to restore his lost fortune.

Is your trip to Russia a part of the film lead-up?

I wanted to see Moscow at its best (laughing). I just wanted to go somewhere with my daughter, show her the city. This is Elle’s first trip to Russia.

Your partner is from Russia. What is your work together is like?

First Natalia got acquainted with my brother John Scheinder, who is a film producer, and with my best friend Adam Sandler, who then phoned me and said: “This girl is incredible!” Then we met each other at the Actor Studio where Natalia had a role in a performance. She turned out to be a brilliant choreographer and I am convinced that she is a very gifted actress. Besides, Natasha can do physical stunts without stunt doubles, which is exactly what her role requires. You’ll see, I’ll make her a real star. She is not really popular so far but after the film release I’ll no longer be able to afford such an actress. Just think what if we plan to go on with a sequel, what shall I do then? (laughing)

Friendship between actors often grows into a much closer relationship. Aren’t you afraid that people will start gossiping about you and Natasha?

Personally I do not need to worry about that, because I have a girlfriend. But I am a bit concerned about Natasha. Gossip and rumours can harm her. However, gossip is always good for film promotion. Besides, Natasha is too young and beautiful for me. And too tall, especially when she has her high-hill shoes on. (signs) Actually, Natasha is a real Russian woman. Russian women have very strong personalities, right? This is why the world’s best tennis players are all Russian.