Natalie Burn and Rob Scheider at Rudkovskaya Shiyan fashion show

“Chain-clad jackets and leather Capri pants are my collection’s tribute to Michael Jackson, my favourite singer,” told Yana Rudkovskaya, music producer and new-sprung couturier, to KP reporter. Her second fashion collection, produced in cooperation with dress designer Ilia Shiyan, was titled Gold Rush.

Among Yana’s models were her boyfriend and renowned figure-skater Evgueny Pluschenko, pop-singers Serguei Lasarev and Dima Bilan and American movie star Rob Schneider, who walked down the catwalk hand by hand with his Russian friend and Hollywood actress Natalie Guslistaya. The crowning touch and the show’s biggest surprise was appearance of Sofia Rudieva, Miss Russia-2009, who walked onto the stage in a maternity dress.

Many of my friends are now in the family way, and my light and elegant gowns are designed for them. Zhenya and I, we are also planning to become parents, our dream is to have twin babies. If things go well, I might be wearing this dress myself as early as this very summer,” – explained Yana. looks to forward to seeing whether Ms Rudkovskaya will be true to her word.