m Jutarnji, 16 march 2010 | Natalie and Uwe Boll, the Director of Bloodrayne-3, gave an interview to a Croatian newspaper

“Bloodrayne-3. The Third Reich”

Jadran Film Studio d.o.o., Boll AG
Producer: Daniel Clarke
Executive Producer: Shawn Williamson
Jadran Executive: Sandra Basso
Director/Producer: Uwe Boll

Natalie and Uwe gave an interview to a Croatian newspaper about their new movie “Bloodrayne-3” they shot in Zagreb together

“Utrennyaya paper” visited the site of action movie “Bloody Rhein: Third Reich” by the director which received several “Golden Raspberries”. Boll has also been shooting a movie about a boy and his journey from the train to his death in Auschwitz gas chamber.

Following month’s work in Zagreb “Medveditsa” ”Bloody Rhein: Third Reich”, which is also a third part of saga about sexual militant vampire character, created In collaboration with German JS company “Boll” and “Jadran-film”, was finished. Last days of the shooting film crew spent on the mountain Slema knee-deep in a swamp, and, despite the still very low temperature, the scenes in which actresses were very scantily dressed, had to be done.

Heating system – immediately, called leading star beautiful Norwegian Natassia Malthe, who played the role of the Bloody Rhein. after arriving at the site. Given that she was soon to be left only in trousers and thin corset, and was to climb into the Second World War time military truck, in which she played the scene together with costar Brendan Fletcher, her demand had not in any case been a whim. The second actress, Russian citizen of Ukrainian origin, Natalia Guslistaya, who played sniper Natalia, was to drive this truck, use quite a heavy weapon, as well as uniforms and ammunition.

Ballerina in combat

I needed a good training, because all the time in the movie I am running, fighting, while the weapon is making very loud sounds, so I had to get used to it as well, but all this is part of the work despite my wounded fingers — explained Natalie, for whom is was her first project with German director Uwe Boll. As among other things she is studying at Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre and Cinema and has extensive experience in the classic theater, according to her, it is a completely new experience.

Despite the fact that I am a ballerina, I could easily cope with battle scenes, – said Natalia, who, as we found out, comes from a very wealthy family, engaged in oil business. She does not like to talk about it, pointing out that it has nothing to do with the movie. Besides Malthe and Guslistaya, Ball has also invited the actor he often collaborates with – Michael Pare. William Bell and Clint Howard also starred in the movies, as well as our own actors – Vili Matula. Dora Lipowczan Boris Balta, Dushan Buchan, Luke Perosh ,.., Dan Clark is the producer, Boris Velichan – production manager.

He is not upset about critics

-1 bought copyright for this franchise, based on a popular video game, five or six years ago. The first film of the trilogy, we filmed in Romania, and the events in the movies were carried back to the 18 Century. The second part takes place in the 19 century American Wild West and this third part describes the events of the Second World War, in fact, such as in a video game. So I think the game fans will especially enjoy the third part where Bloody Rhein fights against the Nazis, as it is in the original, – explained German director Uwe Boll, for whom this is the second film shot in Croatia after last year he finished shooting a story about German boxer Max Schmeling.

– I got a very good experience while shooting movie about Shleminge, good team, excellent people. Zagreb – a very beautiful city with quite a convenient location if you are making a picture about the events which took place during the second world war, so we once again made a movie together with “Jadran film” – explained Ball.

And Ball, whom critics do not like very much (winner of several “Golden Raspberries”, besides, he is called the successor to Eva Wood), apart from the third part of “Bloody Rhein”, concurrently shot movie about a boy and his life journey from the train to Ms death in Auschwitz gas chamber.

– Of course, I have problems due to the crisis, which is why I concurrently carried out two projects from a single budget, otherwise I would not have done a thing. But I think that the movie will look like it is worth ten million euro, although in fact it was shot for 3,5 -responded Ball, who despite the crisis and negative critics, continues to shoot several films a year.


PHOTOALBUM from Zagreb