InStyle, June 2010 | Wings of wishes

Chances, offered by life, multiplied by the hot temperament and revolving workability, – here is the success formula of Natalie Guslistaya. “I can not to sleep for three days along – to go on with exercises and rehearsals. As I’ve got the body, which can bear any loads, I must use it”, – the actress is sure. She has graduated from the ballet college at the Boishoy Theater, she was studying in Queen’s Ballet School in London, and she imagined the future as endless soaring dance. But the injury, which has interrupted the ballet career for a half of year, made her to scrap her plans: “The ballet is life, which does not last long. And what after? To be a choreograph? That’s not enough, I had to find another world”. Natalie, cheerful as her favorite heroine, Scarlett O’Hara, has forwarded her resilience to the new path. She combines creativity with prudence – a daughter of ballerina and businessman -so Guslistaya took off to win Hollywood: “Parents gave me a year to study and to try myself. It was difficult, not everything succeeded at once – and I persuaded them to leave me for another year”. And not for nothing – having graduated from Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute she joined the prestigious Actors’ s Studio (there are a lot of stars among its members – from Jack Nicholson to Sean Penn). “If you love you job, you would do it in any languages, in any country and for any money, says Natalie. – Parents have understood that and supported me”.

She is supported not only by parents – for several years of life in London and Los-Angeles the circle of her friends was completed with Will I Am from Black Eyed Peas, Rob Schneider and Mickey Rourke. “I am befriending Will I Am since eighteen years old, he was one of the first to tell me, that I’ll become an actress, – tells Natalie. – And Rob came to our meeting in different shoes, – black and white, – all in baubles and very sad: he was taking the divorce with his wife very hard. We started mingling, we spent a lot of time together – but our relations are just friendly.” Instead, Mickey Rourke first of all asked her, if she wanted to be his girlfriend. “And when I answered: “No, just teach me everything you know”, – he was very astonished, but gave me a lot of useful advices and became one of my main teachers”.

Natalie combines shooting in Hollywood (soon we will see her in Bloodrain 3) with visits to Moscow – here she works with Jasmine, Dima Bilan and other Russian pop stars, as well as gets up fashion shows – such as Iliya Shiyan’s show. Anyway, in her ordinary life, Guslistaya also feels like making a fashion show: “I like get dress brightly, combining modern things with classic and vintage clothes, and jewelry with imitation.” But she always thinks up her image meticulously and would not wear one and all for her life: “I’ll likely choose a long dress, than a short one. And you will not find extreme mini in my wardrobe”.

Actress, dancer, choreograph, stand-in (in Bloodrain3 she does all tricks without a double) – is there anything, what this girls cannot do? “Drawing, – she acknowledges, smiling. -I did not still manage to draw something, besides hearts. But I believe that I’ll manage everything with practice!”