Cosmopolitan, May 2010 | Take Off: Natalie Burn


When I was eight, I was dancing with Kiev team Kiyanochka, and I was the best. My teachers used to tell me, that I should go to Moscow and try to enter Moscow choreographic college at the Bolshoy Theater. Sophia Nicolaevna Golovkina was looking at girls there, she was a legend, and her word was law. The first thing she did – she asked me to stretch my leg, and then to pop out my feet (an ordinary ballet test). She looked and said: “OK, thank you. No skills”. I begged her to see my dance, she smiled in reply: “No, you don’t need to, I see everything as it is”… Bu I was so persuasive and was so asking, that, anyway, she looked at my dance, and, anyway, as was admitted to the college with many reservations.

An extraordinary gull

In Los-Angeles I graduated from Lee Strasberg Actors’ School. Then I joined Al Pachino’s and Martin Landau’s course in Actor’s Studio. At the entry examination I performed a team from “Gull”. There were 9 judges, Al Pachino, whom I was seeing for the first time, was chairing, and, actually, first of all I recognized his voice from the hall in the darkness. He said: “What an extraordinary gull”. He liked it and I was admitted.

Take-off lights

2006 – dancing programs for K. Minogue, Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce
2007-2009 – shooting in ten Hollywood films
2010 – get-up of events for D. Bilan’s and Jasmine’ clips. Shooting in Bloodrain-3 and Don’t Step on the Ant
Everything by herself

Along with studies I participated in the Young Choreograph competition – I got up a dance for a group of twenty four people. We won the special award at the time, I was noticed and people started inviting me to get up shows for different events. With the show group, leaded by me, I was preparing programs for many London events and musicals, I was getting up dances for Black Eyed Peas, Kylie Minogue and for Robert Cavalli show, etc. I invented the dance myself, I was making up girls myself, I was selecting costumes myself.

In the big world

When I was 14, mom shot my lesson to the camera and sent the record to the London Ballet Academy. She wanted me to go to the summer school there, and, the most important, to pull up my English. Nobody taught and nobody waited for Russian ballerinas in Queen’s School. In the end of summer the director of the Academy, Gaillin Stock, offered me to stay. And I started all over again. The matter is that dance techniques are quite different in Britain and in Russia. We have more rotations and jumps. There they have amazing speed pius eight modern techniques, which are not studied in Russia at all!

While my schoolmates were learning Giselle, I danced things, needing passion and character -Carmen, Esmeralda, Black Swan.